Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My version of pomander flowers

Seriously i suke gile tgk pomander flowers. Dunno why but i think they r cute n sweet. Been reading other b2b blogs, and most of the b2b have a thing with this pomander flowers.

So, i've been googling for the DIY-pomander flowers. Then yesterday, since it's another day of mother daughter day, we went to Jln TAR, konon in a mission to buy stuffs for pom flowers. Sadly, tak jumpe. Where to buy this styrofoam ball ye? Been looking everywhere, i found nothing. Then all the pom flowers maker said they use tissue paper. Asked them for tissue paper, but mcm lain je.

Lastly, i bought crepe paper. Same ke actually tissue n crepe paper ni? Since there is no styrofoam ball, i cabut all the flowers yg pom flower yg sedia ade kat rumah ni. Saje nak try how the thing will turns out using crepe paper ni.

So tadaaaa....camni la hasilnye. Look tak cantik coz the foam dah pecah here and there. heh. WHen i see other people's pom flowers so cantik je tau. Why lah mine looking so cacats ey?kan?

the color of the paper pun doesnt look nice. Kire ni practice je dulu..

does it resemble as a flowers? ke tak de?hihihi

Tak pe tak pe...practice makes perfect kan? *wink*

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wedding favors

Yesterday was a mother daughter day. So me n my mom went to Nilai 3. Suddenly the mom saw this cute box. So cute aite? The cost per box is RM3.90. I think to pricey to give out to all the guests. Maybe can give to VVIP instead kan?

While i was googling n hunting for a perfect box to give to guests. I saw this adorable boxes. WIth the price of RM1.50 per pair, i think it's cheap kan? Price per box is RM0.75. Maybe if i buy in bulk i can get a cheaper price kan?

Pics credit to marryme2u

Why i choose box? It's because i'm thinking to give cupcakes as a doorgift. Since i'm a cake decorator it's a bit weird when i'm not giving my own products to my guests kan? :) I always prefer food or anything edible stuffs to be the gifts. Be it an egg pun ok. BUT, pls...not the fan la..handkerchief la. For me, it's such a waste to buy paper bags n stuff loads of goodies inside. Don't u think so? It's better to buy something that is cheap but look presentable.

Later that day, stop by at my wan cu's. Need to get something from her. Then wan cu showed us this thing.

so neat i tell u..

Awwwww....*jawdrops* so pretty kan? FYI, it's handmade. Wan cu's cousin made this for her son's wedding recently. AND...she made 400pcs of this cute lil thing in 3years. Lame kan? Then wan cu said, if we got time we also can do this thing. Now the mom gets so excited to sew this thing. Pun perfect to give to VVIP kan? maybe can put an egg or maybe Yaasin in it. :)

Seriously, if u good in sewing, u too can do this. Sadly i'm not :(

it's a patchwork.

But, will hunt for something better lagi kot. We'll see how :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Tips for your perfect Wedding cake

Wedding cakes. How many of u says that wedding cake is a compulsory on your big day? *count me in* ;)

If there's no cake cutting ceremony on ur wedding day, it wouldn't be perfect, no? Talking as a cake decorator perspective, there are so many ways if u wanna cut cost of the price of your wedding cake.

But, opt for a dummy base wouldn't really solve the budget issues. Eventhough u can't eat the dummy, the price normally will be about the same. Because, cake designer normally charge the price on each masterpiece are base on the design. The time they spent for a cake. Not really on the cost of raw material in baking the cakes. So i suggest, better to have the base using real cake rather than dummy.

Use fruit cake if u have extra budget. The reason why, fruit cake can last more than a year only if u store in a proper place(refrigerator). Sometimes, if u asked for 3tiers cake, you can't finished the cake. So there must be a leftover after the wedding. It'll be such a waste if u have to throw the leftover. Coz other cakes their lifespan is about a week. If u asked for fruit cake, u still can eat ur wedding cake even on your 1st year anniversary. lol.

Wedding cake is all about the height. Usually, wedding cake must have at least 3tiers. To have the height. But, if u have low budget, u can always request for a cake stand. Which it can elevate the cake to ur desire height. Talking bout competition perspective, if the cakes that they made doesn't meet the required height, they automatically disqualified. So that explained how important the height to a wedding cake is.

use a pillar to add in the height

errr....this is just too crowded n full with details. sometimes, less is more.

I've once read somewhere, they said, if u have low budget(everything also talking about budget) ask from the baker to do a simple deco for the cake. And the brides can decorate by themselves using fresh flowers or any other deco set. BUT...normally, cake decorator won't do that. Coz some people didn't know which type of flowers can actually be used for cake decorating. Coz some of the flowers are poisonous. If u don't have enough budget, opt for something simple. But not decorate it by urself :)

Designs. Base on designs the cake designer charge the price of ur cake. The more intricate the design, the more expensive ur cake will be. Some like it to have finest touch. More like British design. When u talk about British, u know how fine their handwork/artwork is. When it comes to string works, the price will rise up. Than opt for something smple like patchwork design. It can be nice too. Know ur cake designer 1st before u place order with them.

For my wedding cake. I guess i'll be doing my own wedding cake. People always said this to me, i normally did wedding cakes for people, when is the time i make it for my own self? So, i want my cake to be extra special. It'll such a waste when i have the knowledge of cake decorating but not use it for my own big day, aite? And it'd be such a pleasure to make it by myself rather than order ot from other cake decorators. :) Like i said, i want it to be extra special ;)

Since i learnt bout British technique, I think i want my wedding cake to have loads and loads of string works. Which are so fine and intricate. Sigh. pity la this bride later aite? Didn't get enough sleep coz need to deco her own cake. lol. But it's the satisfaction that counts, no?

though the cupcakes is so pretty, but i dont think i want more cupcakes as my wedding cakes :p

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wedding songs

Currently i tuned on more than when i'm driving. the reason being coz they have more mellow songs and oldies kinda song.

That day, i listened to All 4 One - I swear. I said to myself, this could be in the list of my wedding songs. Other than Endless love by Lionel Richie & Diana Ross, You're my everything by Santa Esmeralda, Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen and other a few songs in my list.

And of coz they'll be malay songs, like zikir, nasyid(only yg best) and selawat. And errr...sorry they'll NO karaoke on my wedding ey. Blerghh..i don't like it. And pls.. no Saloma song "selamat Pengantin Baru" too.. heh. Ngade aite?

So, i need to make 1 folder just to keep all the songs that gonna be played on my wedding day. yeayy.. So excited. Woots.

Before i leave, i let u guys hear this song. Which i love it so much.

Till then dearies, bye toots.


Hello dearies.

I created another blog is just for myself actually. Just because i wanna keep track on wat i've been doing for my wedding preparation. Though the date of the engagement n wed are yet to be confirmed, but i guess it would be fun to have a blog just for the prep aite?

I dunno whether is there any1 would want to read this. But i do welcome visitors who'd like to comment. :)

My ideas wouldn't be grand like any other brides to be that u normally read. But it's more on wat i like the most. =)

So yeah, happy reading everyone.

Si petite